Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: So Kraken Not Stirred is a band, then?
A: Yes. Kraken Not Stirred is a Nerd Rock band. Well actually, "band" is a stretch. It's really just one guy.

Q: OK. So what the hell is Nerd Rock?
A: Just like it sounds. It's music about nerdy stuff. And, while Kraken Not Stirred is rooted in Rock and Metal, it spans far beyond that, into Pop, Country, Hip Hop, Electronica... whatever fits the song, really.

Q: Electronica? So you have synths and stuff?
A: Most songs have some sort of synthetic element, yes.

Q: So the machines write the music for you?
A: People still believe this? Really? It wasn't true when Kraftwerk did it, and it's not true now. Computers and synthesizers are tools for creating music, the same way guitars and ukuleles are. Get over it.

Q: What is that thing you're playing?
A: It's a Kitara digital guitar. It allows guitar players to use MIDI to control synthesizers. While the overall concept isn't new, this is the first time that someone has created one that's both affordable and doesn't have serious issues with tracking and latency.

Q: So is that suit-wearing squid thing with the martini the Kraken? He doesn't look so fearsome to me. I'll bet I could take him.
A: No, that's this project's mascot, Oglesby Oceanus Squidman.

Q: Mascot? What does a giant sea monster need a mascot for?
A: He's really into Iron Maiden.

Q: Do you pronounce it "kray-ken?" Isn't it "krah-ken"? Was Liam Neeson wrong? Even worse, was Neil McCarthy wrong??? I don't think I can take this. MY WORLD HAS GONE TOPSY-TURVY!
A: Relax. "Krah-ken" is by far the most common pronunciation, but "kray-ken" is also acceptable.

Q: Well, I'm going to keep pronouncing it "krah-ken".
A: That's cool. Knock yourself out.

Q: *WHUNK!*... *thud*
A: I didn't mean that literally.